Investment Philosophy

In order to provide our investors with consistent quarterly income and long-term capital appreciation, our investment philosophy is to:

Invest in Quality

  • Target populous infill markets with limited developable land in close proximity to major transportation infrastructure
  • Acquire high-image industrial properties that are versatile and well-designed
  • Qualify the strength of all tenants by assessing their industry, business and financials
  • Engage highly capable brokers, consultants and industry professionals

Minimize Risk

  • Maintain discipline and patience when pursuing acquisition opportunities
  • Employ extensive due diligence and conservative financial underwriting
  • Utilize a capital structure that is typically “all-cash”
  • Invest through standalone, single purpose entities that are legally and financially separate

Align Interests with Investors

  • Commit that Principals and their affiliates invest in each property on the same terms as all investors
  • Allow Principal participation only after the preferred return on invested capital has been met
  • Structure each investment without a waterfall or asset management fee
  • Provide comprehensive quarterly reports accompanied with accurate property financial statements

Create Value

  • Utilize established network of industry contacts
  • Enhance capabilities by continually incorporating new technology
  • Maintain in-house entrepreneurial property management
  • Respond quickly to value creating opportunities