Fully Integrated

Excelsior Partners is a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment company that acquires core industrial properties in the western United States, with a focus on Southern California. The Company adheres to an income-focused investment strategy that has generated strong returns while growing investor capital. The Principals have been active in the real estate business for 15 years, including ten years as principals, and are affiliated with a family office that has invested in Southern California office and industrial real estate for over 50 years.

Experienced Team

The Principals of Excelsior Partners, Casey Adams, Gray Adams and Michael Adams, have known each other for 30 years. In addition to their long relationship, the Principals have extensive experience working together at a prior private real estate company and have a combined 45 years of investment, advisory and management experience. The longevity of the Principals' relationship ensures stability in the management team and their collective experience is key in the execution of the company’s investment strategy. Each Principal is a native of Southern California, the primary geographic region of focus in the investment strategy.

Income Focused

Excelsior Partners was named after the street on which the Principals completed their first real estate investment/development project. Further, the Latin meaning of Excelsior is "ever higher," expressing the Principals’ motivation of continually “striving toward higher goals.” The primary goal of Excelsior Partners is to provide investors with prudent real estate investments that yield consistent quarterly income and long-term capital appreciation. Excelsior Partners is committed to providing investors with “ever higher” investment performance using its core values as a guide to shape all decision making, direction and growth of the company.